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Ancient Cultures

MAY 10TH 2007

By Paul Roberts
Special to The SUN

“Ancient Cultures” will be performed at 7 p.m. Friday in the high school auditorium. The public is invited to attend this free performance.
Featuring more than 100 costumed sixth-grade students from Leeann Skoglund’s social studies classes, “Ancient Cultures” is a colorful collage of stories, music and dances from Greece, Mongolia, Europe, India and Africa.
“I’m very excited about having the opportunity to present this program again,” said Skoglund who, for the fourth year, is using “Ancient Cultures” as a component of her social studies classes at Pagosa Springs Intermediate School.
Skoglund — together with Carla and Paul Roberts of the Elation Center for the Arts — created “Ancient Cultures” as a model curriculum arts-in-education experience. The Roberts act as classroom facilitators and production coordinators for the program.
“‘Ancient Cultures’ brings history lessons to life for the students,” explained Skoglund. “Students from previous years often come back and tell me how much they appreciated being a part of this fun learning experience.”
Comments from some of this year’s participants:
Gabby Pajak — “I think it’s such a unique way of learning about our ancestors and where we come from.”Linda Rivas — “It’s probably the most fun I’ve had with other people in school.”
Keith Archuleta — “I learned that it is one thing to sit in a classroom and read or get told about ancient cultures but it’s another thing to get to dress in ancient clothes and go through it firsthand.” Anthony Hobbs -”“I have enjoyed doing the dances and watching all my friends do their scripts and just being able to be in the program.”
Chandler Holt — “I have learned that you have to commit to it and try not to be lazy and just quit.”
Dylan Super — “I enjoy the plays. Everyone got a part and everyone is having fun. No one is left out.”While students gain a new appreciation for history in “Ancient Cultures,” they also develop a sense of teamwork by facing up to the challenges of creating a complex production: coming up with creative ideas, tackling problems and working together effectively.
Come to the high school Friday evening and see the sixth-graders bring learning into the limelight.
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