Paul and Carla Roberts

Paul & Carla Roberts

dateA World of Music

Multi-instrumentalists, Paul and Carla play traditional acoustic instruments from around the world: sitar, guitar, dumbek, recorders, cittern, cheng, open back banjos, cello banjos, mandola, mandocello, bodhran, chalil, charango, Native American flute, oud, sarod, tenor banjo, shakuhachi, tar, and saz.

Carla Roberts Cheng

Carla Roberts

date Singer        Musician/Composer        Dancer

Carla Roberts has been fascinated with world music styles from a young age. Pictured is the chinese zither, or cheng, which she composes Asian inspired music such as her solo CD "Flower Song"

A multi-instrumentalist with a great emphasis on the word "multi", her musical range features wind, percussion and strings, as well as vocals. Her haunting mezzo soprano voice has an immediately appealing quality suited for traditional melodies from around the world. She sings in twelve languages.

A devoted teacher, Carla offers regular courses in hand percussion, native flute, clogging, and belly dance.

Listen to "All in a Garden Green" - Renaissance English melody with recorders

Listen to "Qua Caow Zha Bat "- Vietnamese folksong with cheng and vocal

Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts

dateStrings from Around the World

A banjo player for decades, Paul branched out to more exotic strings  when he studied sitar with the maestro Usted Rais Khan in India. Mandolin  family instruments are his specialty as well as guitar and cello banjo. Add the oud, Turkish saz, charango and sarod and you have an idea of his tremendous string family scope. His prolific original guitar compositions are featured on the CD "Mountain Dreams".

Listen to "Boatman's Delight" from Mountain Dreams

Listen to "Dragonfly Blue" and "Moonlight Raga" from Dragonfly Blue